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$1,395 Quinceanera Packages
Our $1,395 Quinceanera Package is very popular at our store because we custom make the decorations and accessories just for your Quince party. Our customers love that we personalize their centerpiece and decorations to fit their Quinceanera theme. No two Quince Packages are ever the same because we believe that every package should reflect the girl's personality and sense of style. Butterfly and Star themes are always a favorite, and we are known for really dazzling the crafts for the lovely Quince girl. Our package is affordable and includes many items for your special day. When you order a Quinceanera Package, you'll get 10% off on Damas Dresses, Tuxedos, Accessories, Shoes, Crafts and anything relating to your party!

On the Checkout Page, please provide us with the correct phone number and e-mail address because we will be contacting you to discuss the Quinceanera Package. For more information, call: (972)-264-9100

  • Please allow 3 - 4 months for delivery because Quinceanera Packages are made-to-order
  • For the 3 Month Payment Plan, please pay a $600 deposit now. Click here for details and policy information.

$1,395 Quinceanera Package includes:

  • ANY Dress - Vestido***
  • Petticoat/Hoop - Crinolina
  • ANY Tiara in store - Corona/Tiara
  • Gloves in store - Guantes
  • Decorated Cutting Cake Set Server in store - Set de Cuchillos
  • ANY Quinceanera Doll in store - Ultima Muneca
  • ANY Bible in store - Biblia
  • ANY Bouquet in store - Ramo
  • 16 Toasting Glasses - 16 Copas
  • ANY Toasting Wire Set in store - Set de copas con base
  • ANY Large Pillow in store - Cojin Grande
  • ANY Small Pillow in store - Cojin Chico
  • ANY Photo Album in store - Album de Fotos
  • ANY Guest Book in store - Libro de Firmas
  • Free Press (Steam Ironing) - El Planchado
  • Free Zippered Plastic Garment Bag - Gratis cremallera de plastico
  • Decorated Pen - Pluma adornada
  • NO sales tax (except Texas)

***Dress must be no more than $400.00. If the dress exceeds $400.00, then the difference will be added to the total price.
***Free shipping offer does not apply. $120 shipping fee will be added.
***We now RENT Tuxedos, Zoot Suits, and Western Style Suits!!!