About Us

ABC Fashion was founded in 2006 by my parents Sunny and Peter, who had a vision to provide customers with a unique shopping experience when it came to formal wear. They didn't want to offer just a limited selection of gowns from catalogs, but instead, they aimed to make buying formal wear a more personal and enjoyable experience for their customers. Through their hard work and dedication, they turned their store into a renowned local and regional destination.

My parents' focus on taking care of customers and delivering exceptional service became their hallmark, and they brought me on board in 2010 to launch and operate our online store. Over the years, ABC Fashion grew its online presence alongside its physical store, thanks to the loyal customer base that we cultivated with our personal touch.

After fifteen years of running the business, my parents decided to pass the torch to the next generation. I took over the reins at the beginning of 2022. With a fresh perspective and vision, we made the strategic decision to close the Grand Prairie storefront and focus fully on expanding the online side of the business. This move allowed us to offer a wider range of items and better serve our rapidly growing customer base across the nation and worldwide.

Today, ABC Fashion is still headquartered in Grand Prairie, but we've also added operations headquarters in Atlanta and a fulfillment warehouse in the Los Angeles Fashion District. By expanding our resources, we're now better equipped than ever before to handle our growing customer base and offer more choices for unique and personalized formal wear.

Despite the significant changes in the business over the years, we've remained committed to maintaining the family atmosphere and hands-on customer service that has long been our trademark. While the business may have started as a small local store, it has now grown into a thriving online success story that still holds true to the values that my parents instilled in it from the beginning.

I am determined to continue my parents' legacy of personalized service and growth, so our customers can continue to expect a unique shopping experience and a wide range of formal wear items that are sure to impress. I look forward to building further upon the legacy that my parents created and making ABC Fashion a leader in the formal wear industry for years to come.

All my best,

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